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4 Different Stages of Video Production Process

Actually, making an excellent video that can represent your brand is not an easy task; below are some of the stages of video production process to follow. If not managed well it becomes complex and can be stressful on the individuals involved.

By explaining the key stages of video production process, this article will help you create videos that are meaningful to viewers.

4 Stages of Video Production Process

Well, if you’re still looking for guidance, here’s a simple approach to four basic steps in the video making process.

Stage of Video Production

1. Pre-Production

Pre-production means the planning stage of the video production process, and it is the first stage of the production process. This entails planning and preparation for the best course of action that will be taken when faced with a particular decision making situation. In this stage, you would make your video concept, write down your script as well as find your dream team. This is a very vital phase because it helps in laying the groundwork for your project.

Concept Development: So, while making a video, always have a clear concept of what will happen in the video. When choosing a color scheme, consider your audience and what you want them to take from your design. Studies have shown that videos that tell a story have a higher propensity to be interacted with or shared by viewers, being shared 22 times as often as videos that are unlikely to tell a story.

Budget and Objectives: First and foremost, ensure that you identify your financial limits to approach the specificity of objectives for your video project. In specific terms what are the goals that you can set with this video? Getting specific direction on the goal you have set will assist in presenting clear direction in your production process.

Script Writing: Be sure that your script is the skeleton of your film production process, and it is what helps convey your message to the viewers. It dictates the extent of your content in terms of both the general approach and the specific message that you want to convey. Ensure that when writing your script you consider their interests and goals so that it grasps their attention.

Assembling the Team: Engage the appropriate human resource for your job. This can involve hiring a director, a video recorder or videographer among other people, or even actors depending on the type of video required.

In the cases that you are dealing with a video production company , it will be important to talk to the relevant company about your budget and their goals. In this research, 52% of marketers admitted that as far as the ‘Best Return on Investment,’ it is achieved through videos.

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2. Production

Production stage is physical implementation stage of video making process, in which shooting takes place. This often takes more time than any other phase of the work and is the most costly too. Here’s what it involves:

Setting Up Equipment: List all the things that you would require, that includes cameras, light, microphones, sound systems and the likes.

Filming: This involves filming all the scenes, the interviews as well as the b roll or side shots – those extra shots that add to the overall scene or story. Ensure that each person is aware of what is expected of him or her and the times that are fixed for doing a task so as to prevent situations where a person or a group of persons delays the progress of the rest of the team.

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On-Set Management: There is an ideal figure for such a shoot in that there should be one key contact who handles all things on the day. This individual serves as a middleman or woman between the video team and your brand in particular.

3. Post-Production

Post-Production is the process of assembling and polishing filmed material to form the final product out of the shot footage. This phase can be unpopular due to time taken but it is paramount in creating a great final video.

Editing: This stage of video production involves processing the recorded materials, editing the video sequence, overlaying texts and graphics, including the song or any other musical accompaniment plus your spoken lines. Finally, editing is the stage that brings your identified story together to tell a comprehensive and meaningful story to the audience.

Review and Feedback: When the first draft is written, then it should be read and singular or plural be criticized. Make any editing requirements to possible so that the final product of the video is satisfactory. According to jointly averaged data, 68% of marketers believe that their video marketing is ever better in terms of ROI compared to Google Ads.

Final Touches: To finish off, fine-tune your video, including color balance, brightness, contrast as well as sound and music.

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4. Distribution

The last stage of video production is how you can ensure your video gets into the hands of your target audience. Here are the several strategies that show how you can disseminate the video and the most suitable approach depends on what you want to achieve or your target viewers.

Social Media: It also helpful to the large number of community such as through YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Source: Videos that are shared on social media get 1,200% more shares than the other content types including the text and image.

Email Marketing: But to boost the click through rate, email should include the video up to 300% according to indications.

Website and Blogs: It is also important to mention that while using videos when you have a web-site or a blog, you can improve the attendance as well as the amount of time that people spend on it.

Paid Advertising: Paid ads are one of the most effective methods aimed at the audience.

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Video making process


The four stages of video production process include pre-production, production, post-production and distribution and should be considered when creating good quality videos. These steps of video production process include their goals and objectives for each stage, and learning all of these may be beneficial to creating better videos.

Whether you are planning to hire the services of a video production company for your business, you can contact us at Filmr Productions. Experts in video production, we will ensure that your brand reaches the appropriate market through well-performed video production.

By following these steps and utilizing these insights, you can ensure your video production process is smooth, efficient, and successful.

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