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How to Market Your Business Using Animation

It goes without saying that one must keep up with the advancements in the marketing industry in the present day’s fast-paced digital age. There are constant innovations in technology and changing consumer trends that means digital marketing strategies must constantly be updated to grab the consumer’s attention.

That’s why there are many strategies you can use and one of the most effective is to market your business using animation. Well, first of all, animation for marketing is considered quite interesting and yet, it can also be seen as a multidimensional and effective means of conveying important messages. Here’s how using animation in marketing your business works in a nutshell:

1. Use Animation to Explain Your Product or Service

People always try to find the best method of how their product or service could be explained and using animation for marketing is one of the most effective means of doing this. This simple video shows that a little animation and bright graphics make it possible to successfully explain complicated topics.

For instance a well produced explainer video can help to explain the value proposition of your product in two minutes or even less. From a survey conducted by Wyzowl, 94% of the marketers who use videos in their campaigns have stated that using animation in marketing has helped increase understanding among the users on the company’s product or service.

Using animation in marketing your business

Why it works:

Simplifies Complex Ideas: As a way of presenting information animation is effective because it will simplify information to the basic forms.

Engages the Audience: Far Eastern Economic Review – Animated visuals are more effective ways of achieving the goal as opposed to static images or texts.

Boosts Conversion Rates: An excellent example of how to persuade people to stay on your site: add a video to the landing page and conversion can jump to 80%.

Example: Organizations that create software, especially the technological ones, usually employ whiteboard animation for marketing to demonstrate the functioning of their products. This helps potential consumers to understand the mechanism, in which the product will be of useful to them.

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2. Improve Your Landing Page Conversions with Animated Videos

Your landing page is the first step in converting prospects into customers and therefore a vital component of sales. These points show that using animation in marketing your business and sales strategy is very beneficial.

According to a research, companies can benefit from a boost of up to 80% of their conversion rates, whenever they incorporate a video on any landing page.

Why it works:

Captures Attention Quickly: A reader would prefer watching a video rather than going through the large block of text on the website.

Conveys Your Message Clearly: A simple and short video: Before, during or after the text, a short and efficiently designed video can better convey your offer.

Encourages Action: Most videos make a final appeal to the audience in the form of a loud message afterwards that the audience should now do something.

Example: Landing pages of e-commerce firms may contain product demo videos to help a would be customer understand how to make use of the products that the e-commerce firms are offering.

3. Create Engaging Social Media Content

Social media is one of the best ways to popularize your business and attract more customers to your company. Specifically, you’ll notice that using animation in marketing makes your posts pop up as opposed to merging with other posts. HubSpot also revealed that social media videos get 1,200% more shares than text and images.

Why it works:

Increases Shareability: Animation as a media type is shared based on its ability to entertain or educate the targeted individuals.

Enhances Brand Awareness: This means that when you are posting your brand regularly, using animations to keep the viewers interested, you could be improving your brand’s exposure.

Drives Traffic: It can lead your audience to your website or landing page with the help of animated videos.

Example: It might include designing cheerful, easily-consumed animated snippets for use on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook to share services or products with the public.

animation for marketing

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4. Create Interactive Advertisements

It is much easier to market your business using animation to attract users’ attention with interactive ads than with static ads like banners. Adding animation to these ads can help make them more persuasive and easier to remember for viewers. According to a research, interconnected video ads are many times more powerful at generating leads than traditional video ads.

Why it works:

Boosts Engagement: People like to be engaged and interested it keeps them paying attention to want the page or what they are using is offering.

Enhances User Experience: Enhances the enjoyment of the ads making them less of an interruption.

Increases Click-Through Rates: Interactive television ads dissuade users by making them actively do something, such as clicking the website link.

Example: Digital word of mouth: post animated videos of the commercials where users can click on different parts of the product to get a feel of their efficiency.

5. Increase Email Open Rates with Animation

One of the oldest and most popular forms of online marketing is still email – with an average ROI of 4,300%. Including a little animation for marketing in the form of GIFs can make your e-mails more engaging and steadily increase open percentages.

Why it works:

Grabs Attention: If used well, animation in the context of an email is a tool that makes your email unique from the other hundreds of emails people receive in their workplace.

Enhances Visual Appeal: It is quite useful to add animated elements to the message because they will make your email more attractive and interesting.

Boosts Click-Through Rates: It is estimated that adding GIFs or animation increases click-through rates by 42%, as reported by Digital Marketing.

Example: Design a call-to-action button to minimize its effectiveness and create an emotional appeal with an animated GIF.

6. Animate Your Logo to Increase Brand Recognition

It is a worthy addition to the list of logo creation as animation for marketing your logo will help make the brand more memorable and easily recognizable. As Red Website Design reports, a comparison of the two types of logo reductions shows that animated logos are shared 35% more often on social networks than static logos.

Why it works:

Makes a Strong Impression: This reveals why animation is vital in a logo since it gives more variety to the branding images.

Increases Shareability: It is important to note that people are more willing to share these testimonials, especial and exciting content.

Boosts Brand Identity: A logo in animated form can give out the image of your company, with regard to beliefs and norms in place.

Example: Opt for a basic motion logo, where you have a small logo with a simple motion type of an effect or even the colors of the logo changing temporally and incorporate this to the videos you do or the social media app you run.

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7. Use Animation to Enhance Your Website

Animation is added to a website to make the website more interactive and to make it interesting for the users. Whether it’s an animated logo or the buttons and other components of the website, animation will make visitors stay on the website for longer and enable them to get around without much difficulty.

using animation in marketing

Why it works:

Improves User Engagement: Hence, if the visitor is convinced that the site he is visiting is more visually attractive as compared to the numerous sites he has visited, he will remain glued to the site.

Guides User Behavior: Animation can present additional information concerning a subject or lead the viewers step through a sequence of actions.

Adds Visual Appeal: It allows your website to have a more updated and professional look.

Example: Utilize micro-interactions for emphasizing on the important points: By changing color when it is hovered by the mouse pointer or loading bar that exhibits the time taken, for instance.


Marketing doesn’t need to be boring and monotonous; If you use your creativity using animation in marketing can be fun and engaging. Depending on where animation is used, it is highly beneficial as it can help visually communicate your product, increase overall landing page conversion, create visually appealing social media messages, create an invigorating ad, Helps create, increase the general open rate of emails.

An animated logo and improvements to the overall design of a website. You should market your business using animation as you are guaranteed success in sales.

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