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Top 5 Best Explainer Video Production Companies in Gurgaon

Selecting the right explainer video company can work wonders; it can put your marketing strategy on a new level. Explainer videos can inspire and persuade the audience, inform them of your services or products, or simply help to improve your sales.

After detailed research, we present you the list of the best explainer video production companies in Gurgaon, which have no doubts about the quality of their work, inspiration, and high success rates among patients.

Why Choosing the Best Explainer Video Production Companies Matters

Choosing the right company is very important since they are the ones who are able to put into tangible use what you envision. They employ artistry, abstractions, AND expertise to produce compelling and insightful videos that reach your audience.

When working with a professional, views would be delivered on time and appropriately, making the project beneficial in building the brand and achieving the intended objectives.

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Top 5 Explainer Video Production Companies in Gurgaon

Explainer videos have gained widespread popularity and are being used by business owners, companies, and other individuals across the world to promote their services or products. The following are the top 5 explainer video companies in Gurgaon.

Best Explainer Video Production Companies

1. Filmr Production

Overview: The Filmr Productions is established explainer video production company in Gurgaon dealing in the numerous types of video production services. They’ve made themselves significantly focused on producing qualitative and engaging videos that would fit into the requirements of each client.

Services: Some of the services that are provided by Filmr Production are Explainer videos, Corporate film production, Promotional videos, Educational videos, and TV commercials. Being a versatile studio they have the expertise in live action, 2D animation and 3D animation, and AR and VR.

Clients: Filmr Productions have worked with a variety of clients, including high profile ones, in terms of industry type, thus proving their diversity and capability.

Insights: Filmr Production has the unique idea, as well as care in presenting its products, whereby each and every product projects the intended message of the client to the maximum level.

Why Choose Filmr Productions?

Filmr Productions is a full-service video and media production company that offers an array of video and media-related content creation services to help businesses connect with their customers in a dynamic and immersive way.

The achievements of our varied video production portfolio are a source of immense pride for us at Filmr Productions, our esteemed professional video production company based in Gurugram. With compelling visual storytelling and engaging high-quality productions, we help our clients elevate their brand’s messaging and engagement.

2. Crux Creative Solutions

Overview: Crux Creative Solutions is an organization with expertise in Animated Explainer Videos, which popularly assist to conveying notions clearly. Its loyalty and dedication in providing creative and superior products have placed it among the most reputable.

Services: Among its services it features explainer videos, animation and storytelling, always with a special focus on meeting the needs of the particular client and his individual aims and objectives.

Insights: This way Crux Creative Solutions deals with the core concern of providing services of creating videos that are appealing to the targeted public and specific in their appeal and influence.

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Explainer Video Production Companies in Gurugram

3. Webfries

Overview: Webfries has well priced and provides high quality explainer video for business companies of all scales. The visionaries of their team animator and storyteller ensures the creation of videos that capture the complexities of an idea while at the same time getting the attention of as many users as is possible.

Services: Apart from explainer videos, they include website design, online marketing, graphic design, content creating, online shops, and applications.

Insights: Webfries has always been known to offer affordable services while still providing quality work, which is desirable for any business entity operating under the current tough economic times.

4. 75 Seconds

Overview: Having been established over 8 years ago, 75 Seconds is an explainer video production company that gives products and services a boost in a special way. They assist and enhance traffic, conversions, and revenues since the videos are a means of reaching out to the audience.

Services: They propose scriptwriting, animation, narration, post-production and every other service that a video marketing agency may need.

Insights: Through the use of designers, models and dancers 75 Seconds ensures that the shots produced hold the essence and identity of the brands intended for marketing.

5. Raging Madhats Media

Overview: Explaining the meaning of Raging Madhats Media is not needed as it is a specialized explainer video production company that pays great attention to the quality and uniqueness of the products. Their goals consist in making a social or business statement with the videos, come up with a profitable business, and achieve agreed upon objectives and timelines at a fair price.

Services: These services consist of scriptwriting for recordings, voice-over narration, as well as promotional video solutions to enhance clients’ reach and relevancy.

Insights: We are glad to announce that Raging Madhats Media as they do not compromise on quality and has a strict performance-based approach.

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Explainer Video Companies


Explainer video production companies in Gurugram are a flux of diverse explainer video companies that are highly creative and innovative. From eye-popping illustrative animations, creative creative storytelling and the newest technology, the above 5 companies provide all services that may be needed.

The kind of company you are going to hire depends on your purpose, your financial capability or your preferred style, which is most appealing to your audience. Joining forces with one of these top best explainer video production companies will help you improve on the visual focus of your brand, communicate with your audiences more effectively, and accomplish your advertising goals in the highly saturated digital environment.

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